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Specialty Machining Processes

Deep expertise in a diverse range of methods

Precision and efficiency reign supreme no matter which manufacturing or machining method you use in your operation. Our team of engineers is always learning new things to stay ahead of the you can stay ahead of your competition.
High Speed Milling

Faster turnaround times are the key to increasing throughput, which enables your business to grow. High speed milling capabilities help you take on bigger jobs that unlock new opportunities.


When conventional metal removal is difficult or impossible, EDM delivers. EDM capabilities put high precision and demanding applications within reach.


Precision micromachining is becoming more widely used than ever before with application complexity and demand for small parts both on the rise.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive is one of the fastest growing manufacturing methods today due to its high precision, ability to create intricate shapes, and sustainability. 

"Hartwig's innovative solution was definitely what we needed. Hartwig is on the top of our list for future machine tool needs and there will definitely be more automation in our future."

Ken Kyger
Manufacturing Manager, CMP Coporation

"No one in the area has the technical, mechanical, training, and parts expertise like Hartwig does."

Jim Allemann
Davis Tool & Die

"Okuma's rarely need service, but when they do, Hartwig is there in no time."

Donnie Beale
Current River Die Sinking

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