Hartwig and Gosiger: Affordable Automation with Quick Results

When investing in automation, many assume that the results won’t come fast enough to justify the high price point. Automation Within Reach at Gosiger is changing that through their partnership with Hartwig. Their team of over 70 automation experts provides application-driven solutions at an affordable price, producing reliable products and achieving returns within the first year. Hartwig has partnered with Gosiger to provide their product line, Load & Go, to manufacturers nationwide to help improve their productivity and workflow. 

The Load & Go

Optimizing operations is critical to stay competitive in today’s industry. The Load & Go line is comprised of machine-tending robots that are designed to increase the productivity of your shop. These robots can achieve lights-out manufacturing by filling the machinist role, allowing for overnight, unattended runs. There are three different variations of the Load & Go:

  1. Drawer Cell

Designed to be easy to use with no robot programming required, the drawer cell is ideal for smaller parts. It utilizes an adjustable template for versatility in part size and loading capability. The various drawers allow the robot to run unattended, loading parts into the CNC machine and unloading the finished parts.

  1. Rotary Cell

Similar to the drawer cell design, the rotary cell is designed to fit larger parts, up to 11” in height and 5” in diameter. Like the drawer cell, this version of the Load & Go is already programmed to know where the parts are and will determine their height automatically.

  1. VBX Series

The upgraded, larger version of the drawer cell, the VBX series is designed for mill tending and can run OP10 and OP20 parts with its MultiGrip™ jaws. No turnover station or programming is needed to run the VBX series, and you can optimize part capacity based on part width by simply positioning the locators to allow for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 parts per shelf.

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Beyond the Machine

Combining Hartwig’s dedicated service and support team with Gosiger’s automation expertise, you’re able to automate your process and improve your bottom line with ease. Customers who have worked with Hartwig and Gosiger have seen impressive results and return on their investment within the first 12 months, all at an affordable price point. 

When looking to automate your process, Hartwig’s partnership with Gosiger ensures you can access innovative technologies that can boost your bottom line and improve your productivity. Connect with your Hartwig representative today so we can help you find your perfect automation solution.

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