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Preventive Maintenance

Eliminate downtime. Sustain peak performance.

Hartwig’s preventive maintenance (PM) program puts you in charge of your productivity. Instead of hoping nothing goes wrong on a given day, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that it (most likely) won’t.
Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Preventive maintenance ensures all electrical and mechanical components of your machines are working properly. PM also can catch slight issues in performance of your machine tools before they become big problems. This allows you to order parts, schedule repairs, and plan for it all in your ERP system—without disrupting the flow of production.

Create Team Buy-In

Create Team Buy-In

When operators on the floor see that leadership in your business invests in the health of your machines, it often inspires them to take better care of them. We’ve worked with customers whose operators suddenly started becoming aware of oil levels and dirty filters—and the best practices spread throughout their entire operations.

Extend Machine Tool Life

Extend Machine Tool Life

Just like a car, proper maintenance can extend the life of your machines by years or even decades. You’ll get the most out of your investment with a longer useful life and better resale value when replacement time finally arrives.

Make preventive maintenance work for you.

Hartwig PM programs are designed with your operation in mind, dedicated to optimizing the performance of your process through flexibility and knowledge.

Schedule Your Preventive Maintenance


Never miss a critical system check.

Our factory-trained service technicians cover a comprehensive three-page service checklist on your machines at each visit. This includes ensuring all electrical and mechanical components are working properly along with coolant and way lube system inspections.


Control your downtime and accuracy.

We understand that every minute counts when it comes to production. Our flexible scheduling allows you to minimize the impact of maintenance, even if that means weekend or evening care. With regular maintenance, you will keep the tolerance you need, ensuring you get the same cut every time.


Boost the knowledge of your team.

Your Hartwig technician is available to spend time with your operators to answer questions. They will also point out potential problem areas or warning signs that your team members should be on the lookout for during operation. 

Increase the resale value of your equipment.

We only represent machine tool builders whose systems are built to last. But when it is time to change your equipment, we want you to get the highest possible value out of your machine.



Take Control of Your Downtime

Your Hartwig representative can help connect you with the solution that will power your business’s next big innovation and efficiency. Tell us about your setup, and we will connect you with the right person to schedule your preventive maintenance.

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