Breaking a tool or tool holder, and even damaging a spindle, is no laughing matter, which is why Joe Thole, Application Engineer, makes it a habit to use the HA function in his programs. On an Okuma, if you use “HA” on your G56 line as opposed to the tool number, the control will automatically use the tool offset to match the tool in the spindle…
People want to be connected to their company and make an impact, and strong leadership is the clearest way that we can help make that connection. The best way to do this is help our people feel like they are contributing to more than just metrics…
As we have grown to more than 80 service technicians, along with adding a fleet of trucks and parts inventory, our ability to scale and schedule needed improvement. We chose to partner with FieldPoint for our service scheduling software, and the benefits will impact our entire business and yours…
To keep your machines running at optimal levels, utilizing the “User Maintenance Function” on the OSP Control can allow you to customize and personalize reminders…

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