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Investing To Better Serve You

During a time when some are just trying to survive, Hartwig continues to invest in our people and infrastructure in order to continue to efficiently serve our more than 5,000 customers in our 14 state geography. We would like to take this opportunity to provide some insight as to what advancements you will continue to see from Hartwig in 2017 and beyond … Read more

2017 Training Schedule

Hartwig is committed to helping you acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to gain maximum value from your CNC machine tools. We hold many CNC training classes throughout the year to keep your capabilities fresh and current. Courses are set up with you, our customer, in mind. To view and register for Hartwig’s upcoming training classes, please click here.

Preventive Maintenance

At Hartwig, we encourage our customers to have a proactive preventative maintenance plan in place for all machine tools and accessory equipment in their shop. Regular inspections and service can help to significantly reduce unnecessary downtime, lost production, late deliveries and expensive machine repairs. Regular inspection and service lessens the likelihood of equipment failure. Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working so it does not break down unexpectedly … Read more

The Speed of Efficiency

Rick Article 2

In today’s world of digital technology we can find answers to problems in a matter of seconds where previous generations had to research for hours or days in books and other printed text. As a result of this technology we have become more efficient with our day to day communications and research. We can diagnose problems over the internet and watch videos on YouTube of how to fix it … Read more

GF Machining Solutions Expands Hartwig’s Territory in the West

GF Machining Solutions recently announced new distributors to serve customers in the Northwest and West regions. Hartwig’sterritory was expanded to also serve those customers in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho … Read more


The VELOCITY SMART TOOL is an integrated tool holder and cutting tool assembly optimized using the included BlueSwarf Dashboard™ to allow machining at the maximum stable speeds, feeds, and cutting depths for a specific operation, on a specific part, on a specific OKUMA machining center … Read more

Process Troubleshooting


Chapter 2: Chip Control

Another example of process troubleshooting is chip control. On a lathe, chip control is so very important when unattended automation is expected or in-process gauging is used. Use your resources when tackling chip control. Tooling supplier reps are a great resource for helping with chip control issues. They may have different chip breakers available or have run into the same thing somewhere else … Read more

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