David’s Story

The Machine Whisperer

They call him the Machine Whisperer. It’s as if the equipment were speaking directly to him, telling him what was wrong. There isn’t a machine he can’t diagnose, though if you ask David Moore, Service Engineer, CTMSE, he’d tell you with no forced humility that he’s just doing his job. David has carried this humble work ethic since joining Hartwig, right out of trade school in 2000. “You have to go with your gut,” Moore said of diagnosing and fixing issues. “Even if it’s wrong sometimes. But the machines are only part of the job.”

“You have to go with your gut”

With more than two decades at Hartwig, David knows that the customer is the single most important part of the job. He understands it takes patience, and a deeper understanding of the person he’s helping. This is one of many lessons he’s learned off the clock, from his time volunteering as a Pee Wee Football coach. “You have to really know the people you’re helping on a personal level, so you can treat them how they want to be treated,” David said. “That’s how you open the lines of communication and truly understand how to connect with an individual.”

David has faced a lot of challenges in his 2+ decades at Hartwig. He’s seen four severe economic swings, as well as changing and emerging technologies at nearly every step of his career. “Change is constant. Change is inevitable. You have to be flexible,” David said. “You have to be creative.”

“The Hartwig name means a lot. It means trust.”

After 21 years, David doesn’t plan to go anywhere but up. As he continues to learn and grow, working to advance his career, he knows that no matter the title, he’s already home. “The Hartwig name means a lot. It means trust.” David said. “After six decades, customers know what to expect, and I’m proud to be a part of that legacy.”

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