Preventing Chatter On Your CNC Lathe

Prevent Chatter on your CNC Lathe with Okuma’s HSSC and VSST

Eliminating harmonics, which can produce tool chatter or poor surface finish, is critical for maximizing productivity. If you have an Okuma horizontal or vertical CNC lathe with a P200 or newer control (also available on the P100 control as an option), you have tools that help prevent chatter by allowing for RPM changes either manually or automatically. Harmonic Spindle Speed Control (HSSC) and Variable Spindle Speed Threading (VSST) are functions available with Okuma’s THINC-OSP CNC control that are highly effective harmonics problem solvers. HSSC and VSST are particularly useful when machining parts with high L/D ratios, thin-walled parts, or thin-walled parts with threads.

This content was originally created by Okuma America Corporation. To see the full version of the white paper, click here.

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