Big Projects.
Big Solutions.
New frontiers are our bread and butter. Hartwig Innovative Technologies (HIT) is a specialized team within Hartwig that focuses on large-scale, advanced industrial applications. We find, bring to market, support, and service specialty machine brands and products to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges.

Specialized solutions for elite operations

If your operation produces large, complex parts that can’t be delivered using conventional machines, Hartwig Innovative Technologies can help. And the machines themselves are only the beginning of how we support you so you can sustain peak performance and grow your business.
Reducing Risk

Reducing Risk

Buying a machine tool can feel risky, and we know that the stakes get higher as your investment grows. We’ll ensure you can see a demonstration of our machines in action before you make your purchase. We can bring you to a current HIT partner’s facility in person or provide a virtual demonstration so you can see the machines in action and get your questions answered by fellow manufacturers.

Engineering Support

Engineering Support

Hartwig Innovative Technologies assists businesses with specific manufacturing needs above and beyond what is possible with standard equipment. We stay on the leading edge of the latest technology to help create the perfect solution for your application. 

  • Seven dedicated professionals to support you with machine selection, turnkeys, and manufacturing cell design
  • Access to demos of elite machines in our tight-knit group of customers


We know that every minute your machine is down costs you money. That’s why our service department operates with a unified mission: to prevent your machine from going down in the first place…and if it does, to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • “Man on Site” support and robust inventory of replacement parts
  • Preventive maintenance program that keeps your machines running at peak performance
  • Master Technicians Response Center allows you to talk directly with a machine tool expert
Education + Training

Education + Training

Ensuring your operators are trained on every facet of your machine tools is a critical component to the success of your business. We’re committed to spreading knowledge that helps your people perform at the top of their game.


  • Onsite training for operators when you launch a new machine tool
  • Proactive approach to showing you what’s new in the machine technology that aligns with your operation’s needs


We have invested in stocking extensive inventory of spare parts in our warehouses and on our service vehicles to get your machines back up and running faster.

  • Team of 11+ certified parts personnel
  • Millions of dollars in spare parts inventory
  • Customized expedited parts programs
Aerospace + Defense
Oil + Gas
Power Generation

Complex applications solutions for the world’s most demanding industries

Hartwig Innovative Technologies isn’t for everyone—we’re best suited to serve customers in highly regulated industries with large and complex needs. We regularly work with market leaders in these sectors to push the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing.

Machine Tool Brands We Represent

We proactively source the very best brands of large-scale machine tools, so you can trust that Hartwig Innovative Technologies will always deliver a cutting edge product that is configured to meet your needs. And our team is actively pursuing what’s on the horizon to bring you the latest manufacturing solutions.


Modig specializes in high velocity machining centers, having pioneered the world’s first ones in the late 1980s. Modig continues to drive innovation in machine tools today and is celebrated as one of the world’s leading companies in premium performance machining centers.



Founded in 1957, GEMINIS is the world leader in large-scale horizontal and multi-process lathe technology.



Loxin was founded by a group of expert engineers devoted for more than 30 years to the design and manufacturing of High Technology Machine Tools. Its knowledge and experience in the Mechanical industry sectors allows Loxin to understand the important opportunities that could represent offering customized High Technology solutions to some very demanding sectors including the Aeronautics and Railways industries.

LOXIN is an industrial technological group that provides tailored innovative solutions in industrial processes automation to improve clients productivity and efficiency.
Loxin designs and manufactures high technology machine solutions for industries in which higher technological capabilities are required (in terms of stiffness, accuracy, speed and flexibility), such as in the case of the aeronautical industry.

Loxin’s products are primarily based on a proprietary robotic technology (“Tricept”), i.e. modular robots designed on hybrid parallel kinematics technology that include 5 (or 6) axes controlled by a digital control. This technology enables extremely versatile machining modules of high stiffness and flexibility combined with excellent accuracy and repeatability features. Loxin also provides solutions based on third parties robot technology.



Inspired by innovation and with experience based on 55 years of history, Soraluce is a worldwide leader in milling, boring and turning technologies.

Soraluce’s success is based on excellent quality, a stellar service, its own cutting-edge and differentiated technology and a marked international character. As a brand distinguished by its great reliability and high performance, Soraluce develops innovative solutions committed to the technological progress of its clients, responding to the most demanding machining challenges with efficiency and high levels of productivity, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning.

Soraluce offers a wide range of milling, boring and vertical turning machines, multitasking solutions and automated systems with professional advice in machining engineering with a team of highly experienced engineers who evaluate our clients’ production and machining processes and provide solutions to optimize them.

Innovation is at the forefront of what Soraluce does and many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector are pioneered by Soraluce, such as DAS systems (Dynamics Active Stabiliser), Modular Quill or Ram Balance Systems, all patented.

Your Innovation Experts

The team at Hartwig Innovative Technologies are specialists dedicated to learning, teaching, and implementing cutting edge, large-scale machine tools.
Heather Feagans
Integration Manager
Alan White
Strategic Account Services

"We choose to partner with Hartwig because of their service, their high-quality equipment, and the annual Preventive Maintenance they provide."

Doug Foht
Hunter Engineering, Manufacturing Engineer Manager

"My experience with Hartwig has been that the team has a strong understanding of the equipment, both their capabilities and how to deploy them so that we can achieve our goals. The Hartwig team also knew about what additional ancillary equipment was needed, from robotics to bar feeders to part catchers, so that we could deliver more value to our customers in the end"

D. Smith
Waples Manufacturing

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