Manufacturer: OKUMA
Series: VTR-A
Type: Double Column, Milling

The VTR-160A double column turning center provides large capacity machining with high rigidity and thermal stability for close tolerance machining. This heavy duty, large capacity, multifunction turning center delivers accuracy and stability derived from Okuma’s double column experience and innovation in rigidity and thermal stability. The VTR-160A has a generous work envelope, with a swing over the bed that is among the best in its class, providing the flexibility to handle a wide range of workpieces.

Featured Specifications

Swing, Maximum Turn mm (in) Ø 1,600 (Ø 62.9)
Maximum Work Height mm (in) 1,250 (49.2)
Z-Axis Travel [RAM] mm (in) 900 (35.4)
W-Axis [Elevating Rail] mm (in) 600 (23.6)
Table Size mm (in) Ø 1,250 (49.2)
Maximum Load lbs 22,000
Spindle Speed min⁻¹ (rpm) 23~63~400 2 by coil
Spindle Power kW (hp) 45 / 37 (60 / 50)
Torque kNm (lb-ft) 18 (13,276)
C-Axis 0.001° DD encoder (direct drive)