Hartwig Inc. and Markforged Transform 3D Printing in the Midwest

Saint Louis, MO, December 6th, 2023 – Hartwig Inc, a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Markforged, the company strengthening manufacturing resiliency by enabling industrial production at the point of need.

Markforged offers end-to-end 3D printing solutions that enable manufacturers to create high-performance parts with strength, durability, and precision. Their line of additive manufacturing equipment is powered by their intuitive software suite Eiger to unlock the promises of digital inventory for critical parts on the factory floor. Using continuous carbon fiber technology, Markforged printers deliver composite parts with mechanical properties exceeding those of 6061 aluminum. The newly released FX10 printer is built to be the most versatile tool for the factory floor with faster printing and more built in automation capabilities than previous Markforged printers. Markforged also offers metal 3D printing solutions that produce high-quality parts with complex geometries and minimal post-processing.

“This collaboration is a game-changer for Hartwig’s customers who are looking to embark on their additive manufacturing journey,” says Greg Hartwig, Hartwig Vice President. “Both of our companies have very similar mission statements and are closely aligned in our values, with the goal being to help manufacturers every day, at every level.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Hartwig, a company that shares our vision of industrial production at the point of need through transforming the way things are made,” says Shai Terem, Markforged President and CEO. “Together, we can empower more customers across the Midwest to leverage the power of 3D printing to create stronger, lighter, and more efficient parts and reduce their reliance on the supply chain for tools, fixtures and jigs.”

Since the company’s founding in 1960, the Hartwig team has installed over 12,000 machine tools across its 14 state territory in the middle of the United States. Hartwig is known for their expertise and experience in turning, milling, grinding, EDM, and Additive Manufacturing (AM). In the field of AM, Hartwig already partners with EOS, FormAlloy, Sodick and Solukon. The Markforged activities at Hartwig will be coordinated by Jens Kautzor, Additive Manufacturing Sales Engineer.

“Markforged is a perfect fit for Hartwig’s portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions”, says Jens Kautzor. “Their products are easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. They enable our customers to create parts that are not possible with traditional manufacturing methods, and complement a lot of our other advanced manufacturing solutions.”

“Markforged is on a mission to reinvent manufacturing with The Digital Forge, our complete additive manufacturing platform consisting of industrial 3D printers, enterprise software with process improvement tools, and a wide range of industrial materials,” says Shai Terem. “We are excited to work with Hartwig, a trusted and respected partner in the Midwest, to bring our technology to more customers and help them achieve their manufacturing goals.”

Markforged (NYSE:MKFG) is enabling more resilient and flexible supply chains by bringing industrial 3D printing right to the factory floor. Its additive manufacturing platform The Digital Forge allows manufacturers to create strong, accurate parts in both metal and advanced composites. With over 10,000 customers in 70+ countries, Markforged is bringing on-demand industrial production to the point of need. Markforged is headquartered in Waltham, Mass, where they design the hardware, software and advanced materials that makes The Digital Forge reliable and easy to use. To learn more, visit www.markforged.com.

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