Manufacturer: OKUMA
Series: MILLAC-VH Series
Type: 5-Axis, Milling

This 5-axis multi-plane machining center combines high speed with high rigidity. A box type bed and a rectangular/wide sliding surface provide the machine with its highly rigid structure. The MILLAC 800VH employs large ball screws and highly rigid supports with pre-tension to ensure stability in accuracy. The multi-face machining capability allows for the machining of complex workpiece in one setup. This improves part accuracy by eliminating the setup errors inherent in re-fixturing the part. In addition, the rotary type 2APC is a standard feature to reduce setup time and to increase productivity.

Featured Specifications

Table Dimensions mm (in) 800 x 800 (31.49 x 31.49)
Travel X/Y/Z mm (in) X-Axis: 1,020 (40.16) / Y-Axis: 1,020 (40.16) / Z-Axis: 1,020 (40.16)
Maximum Load kg (lbs) 1,000 (2,205)
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) mm/min (ipm) X / Y Axis: 30,000 (1,181)
Z-Axis: 30,000 (1,181)
Rapid Traverse (A/C) deg/min 1~3,600
Spindle Speed min⁻¹ 100~10,000
Spindle Power kW (hp) 18.5 / 22 (25 / 30)