Tool Life Management / Part Transfer (G22) / Sub-Spindle LB15IIMW — Example Program

VTLIN[1]=3 VTLFN[1]=1 VTLL[1]=1.625 VTLA2[1]=5 VTLA1[1]=80
VTLIN[1]=1 VTLFN[1]=1 VTLL[1]=1.625 VTLA2[1]=5 VTLA1[1]=80
VGRIN[2]=9 VGRFN[2]=1 VGRL[2]=1.625 VGRA2[2]=5 VGRA1[2]=55
VGRIN[2]=7 VGRFN[2]=1 VGRL[2]=1.625 VGRA2[2]=5 VGRA1[2]=55
VTLIN[3]=28 VTLFN[3]=1 VTLD[3]=0.25 VTLL[3]=1 VTLA1[3]=118
VTLIN[1]=3 VTLFN[1]=1 VTLL[1]=1.5 VTLA2[1]=5 VTLA1[1]=80
VTLIN[1]=1 VTLFN[1]=1 VTLL[1]=1.5 VTLA2[1]=5 VTLA1[1]=80
VTLIN[2]=9 VTLFN[2]=1 VTLL[2]=1.5 VTLA2[2]=5 VTLA1[2]=55
VTLIN[2]=7 VTLFN[2]=1 VTLL[2]=1.5 VTLA2[2]=5 VTLA1[2]=55
VWKR=393.7007 VCHKL=0.5 VCHKD=0.5 VCHKX=2 VCHKZ=-2
VWKR=393.7007 VCHKL=0.5 VCHKD=0.5 VCHKX=1.75 VCHKZ=-2
PT LF,LC,[-20,0],[20,20],[20,0]
PF 0,[0,0],20,D
PT LF,LC,[-10,0],[20,20],[10,0]
PT LF,LC,[-17,0],[18,18],[7,0]
PT SS,LC,[-20,0],[13,18],[3,3]
N0001 G140
N0002 M216
N0003 G00 X20 Z20
N0004 G50 S3800
N0005 G141
N0006 G50 S4500
N0100 G140
N0101 G00 X20 Z20
N0102 VLMON[1]=1
N0103 G97 S727 M41 M03 M08
N0104 X2.416 Z0.12 T010101
N0105 Z0.18
N0106 G96 S460
N0107 G85 N0108 D0.12 F0.014 U0.016 W0.008 M85
N0108 G83
N0109 G01 X2 Z0
N0110 Z0.02
N0111 X0
N0112 Z0
N0113 G82
N0114 G00 X2.096 Z0 G41
N0115 G01 X-0.016 E0.014
N0116 G40
N0117 G80
N0118 G00 Z0.12
N0119 VLMON[1]=0
N0120 G97 S727 M09
N0121 M01
N0200 VLMON[2]=2
N0201 G97 S757 M08
N0202 G00 X2.1 T010101
N0203 Z0.208
N0204 X2.32
N0205 G96 S460
N0206 G85 N0207 D0.32 F0.014 U0.016 W0.008 M85
N0207 G83
N0208 G01 X1.25 Z0
N0209 X2
N0210 Z-1.048
N0211 G81
N0212 G00 X1.154 Z0 G42
N0213 G01 X1.25 E0.021
N0214 G03 X1.75 Z-0.25 K-0.25 E0.014
N0215 G01 Z-1.048
N0216 X2.096 E0.021
N0217 G40
N0218 G80
N0219 G00 X2.1
N0220 VLMON[2]=0
N0221 G97 S757 M09
N0222 X20 Z20
N0223 M01
N0300 G97 S1601 M42 M08
N0301 G00 X1.41 Z0.12 TG=02 OG=1
N0302 Z0.079
N0303 G96 S591
N0304 G87 N0305
N0305 G82
N0306 G00 Z0
N0307 G01 X1.282 G41 F0.008
N0308 X0
N0309 G40
N0310 G80
N0311 G01 X0.088 Z0.004
N0312 G00 Z0.12
N0313 G97 S3800 M09
N0314 M01
N0400 G97 S1783 M08
N0401 G00 X2.1 TG=02 OG=1
N0402 Z0.079
N0403 X1.266
N0404 G96 S591
N0405 G87 N0406
N0406 G81
N0407 G00 X1.106
N0408 G01 Z0.04 G42 F0.008
N0409 Z0
N0410 X1.25
N0411 G03 X1.75 Z-0.25 K-0.25
N0412 G01 Z-1.048
N0413 X1.814
N0414 G40
N0415 G80
N0416 G01 X1.822 Z-1.004
N0417 G00 X2.1
N0418 G97 S1075 M05 M09
N0419 X20 Z20
N0420 M01
N0500 M110
N0501 G94 M146 M15 M08
N0502 G00 X1 Z0.52 T0303 SB=1070
N0503 Z0.14
N0504 G183 X1 Z-0.5 C0 K0.02 F4.28 E0.112 D0.12 L0.5
N0505 C90
N0506 C180
N0507 C270
N0508 G180
N0509 G00 Z0.52
N0510 G95 M12 M09
N0511 M109
N0512 G00 X20 Z20
N0513 M01
N0600 G00 Z5 W20
N0601 M247
N0602 M249
N0603 M151
N0604 G00 W1.2
N0605 G29 PW=65
N0606 G94 G22 W0 D0.05 L0.08 F20 PW=55
N0607 G29 PW=5
N0608 M248
N0609 G28
N0700 M246
N0701 M185
N0702 M84
N0703 G95 G00 W20
N0704 M150
N0705 M184
N0706 M01
N0800 G141
N0801 G00 X20 Z20
N0802 VLMON[3]=1
N0803 G97 S727 M03 M08
N0804 X2.416 Z0.12 T210121
N0805 Z0.18
N0806 G96 S460
N0807 G85 N0808 D0.078 F0.0112 U0.016 W0.008 M85
N0808 G83
N0809 G01 X2 Z0.02
N0810 X0
N0811 G82
N0812 G00 X2.096 Z0.02 G41
N0813 G01 X-0.016 E0.0112
N0814 G40
N0815 G80
N0816 G00 Z0.12
N0817 VLMON[3]=0
N0818 G97 S727 M09
N0819 M01
N0900 VLMON[4]=2
N0901 G97 S757 M08
N0902 G00 X2.1 T210121
N0903 Z0.228
N0904 X2.32
N0905 G96 S460
N0906 G85 N0907 D0.208 F0.0112 U0.016 W0.008 M85
N0907 G83
N0908 G01 X1.25 Z0.02
N0909 X2
N0910 Z-0.98
N0911 X1.75
N0912 G81
N0913 G00 X1.154 Z0.02 G42
N0914 G01 X1.25 E0.0168
N0915 G03 X1.75 Z-0.23 K-0.25 E0.0112
N0916 G01 Z-1.028
N0917 G40
N0918 G80
N0919 G00 X2.1
N0920 VLMON[4]=0
N0921 G97 S757 M09
N0922 X20 Z20
N0923 M01
N1000 G97 S1601 M08
N1001 G00 X1.41 Z0.12 T220222
N1002 Z0.099
N1003 G96 S591
N1004 G87 N1005
N1005 G82
N1006 G00 Z0.02
N1007 G01 X1.282 G41 F0.008
N1008 X0
N1009 G40
N1010 G80
N1011 G01 X0.088 Z0.024
N1012 G00 Z0.12
N1013 G97 S4500 M09
N1014 M01
N1100 G97 S1783 M08
N1101 G00 X2.1 T220222
N1102 Z0.099
N1103 X1.266
N1104 G96 S591
N1105 G87 N1106
N1106 G81
N1107 G00 X1.106
N1108 G01 Z0.06 G42 F0.008
N1109 Z0.02
N1110 X1.25
N1111 G03 X1.75 Z-0.23 K-0.25
N1112 G01 Z-1.012
N1113 G40
N1114 G80
N1115 G01 X1.758 Z-0.968
N1116 G00 X2.1
N1117 G97 S1075 M05 M09
N1118 X20 Z20
N1119 M01
N1120 G140
N1121 M215
N1122 TLID
N1123 M02

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