THINC®-OSP-P300 CNC Control Delivers Process Efficiencies and Enables User Innovation

Okuma’s history of introducing innovations in CNC control technology spans more than 50 years – and the THINC®-OSP-P300 is the latest breakthrough. The OSP-P300 brings a dramatic paradigm shift to the marketplace, with a process-based user interface rather than the traditional mode-based operational layout. The process-based platform is most evident in the EASY OPERATION interface, which centralizes data in one easy-to-access screen, displacing the cumbersome process of back-and-forthing through five or six screens. By streamlining process efficiencies, productivity is greatly increased.

The OSP-P300 is built using the Windows®-based, open architecture platform used in all THINC-OSP CNC controls. This fully open system makes it possible to easily install PC applications that allow for a multitude of conveniences. For example, users can set up access to tooling lists/setup spreadsheets, process documents, and how-to videos that assist operators in setup and operation – right at the CNC machine location. The OSP-P300’s open architecture platform also opens the doors for users to continually customize operations to suit individual CNC machining requirements.

Okuma is the industry’s only single-source provider, with the CNC machine, drive, motors, encoders, spindle and CNC control all manufactured by Okuma. By having mechanical and electrical under one roof we can ensure optimum production efficiencies, and also provide ways for customers to customize processes (for example, with custom app development).

When users experience the efficiencies of the OSP-P300, there’s no going back to the old, repetitive and time-consuming way of CNC control operation. And, because the open architecture OSP-P300 allows users to create their own innovations, this opens up countless opportunities to deliver added value in products, implement manufacturing efficiencies that increase productivity, and establish a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This content was originally created by Okuma America Corporation. To see the full version of the white paper, click here.

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