Machine Tool Apps: A Manufacturing Definition

In 2008 both Apple and Google launched their versions of the now famous App Store. In seven short years apps have become integral to our everyday lives, providing indispensable conveniences on smartphones, tablets and other devices. Today the saying “there’s an app for that” is true – there is an app for everything. Why do we love apps? Bottom line, they make our lives easier. And many apps (such as GPS navigators, flight status notifiers and fitness trackers) increase our personal productivity.

Now “machine tool apps” are entering manufacturing environments, and they will become pervasive productivity enhancers there as well. As apps make their way onto shop floors it’s important to define, for the machine tool industry, what an app is (and what it is not). This is critical for establishing a foundational app environment that is open to customization by anyone, and can therefore meet a shop’s unique requirements. Here we will cover some of the key qualifying criteria that define a machine tool app.

This content was originally created by Okuma America Corporation. To see the full version of the white paper, click here.

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