Game-Changing Technologies: Why Swiss and Why Tsugami?

Launched in summer 2020, our Game-Changing Technologies webcast series brings manufacturers together in a virtual setting to see the latest machine tool tech in action. In this episode, we caught up with Scott Anthony from Tsugami/Rem Sales. Scott spent time showing off the benefits of CNC Swiss-style machining and some of the new technology Tsugami has been rolling out. 

Why Swiss?

In traditional turning operations, the tooling moves along a fixed workpiece as it rotates. In Swiss-style machining, the bar stock advances through a guide bushing. CNC Swiss-style machine tools are highly versatile machining centers that can perform turning, grooving, milling, thread rolling, drilling, slotting, boring, and more. Once regarded as a specialty machine tool, Swiss-style machines are becoming more widely adopted due to their speed and versatility. In fact, Swiss-style machining is about three times faster than traditional machining. 

Why Tsugami?

Tsugami was founded in 1923 and started out in gauge block manufacturing. Today, the company is the number one builder of Swiss-style machining centers in the world. In this webcast, we looked at several exciting features that Tsugami has developed to advance precision and automation when running their machines.

  • Abile Software. Each new Tsugami machine is equipped with Abile software, which has building blocks that help you create the programs needed to machine your parts. With Abile software, you can also run simulations and forecast cycle times.
  • Smartflex Guide Bushing System. The Smartflex pneumatic guide bushing system automatically adjusts to compensate for imperfections in your bar stock. It works instead of a traditional electronic guide bushing to allow flexibility that grips and re-grips over imperfections in the bar stock. When ground bar stock is not an option, the Smartflex guide bushing system can help you achieve better roundness and precision no matter what material you start with.
  • Oscillation Cutting. This technology works in tandem with Fanuc controls on new Tsugami machines to keep chips from clogging your machine. Long “stringers” mean your operators have to often stop the machine, open it up, and clean out the chips before you can continue making parts. The oscillation cutting feature reduces long, stringy chips into small chips, reducing chip volume by as much as half even for deep hole drilling. This means you can stay up and running for hours longer—and even run “lights out” with the proper automation equipment.
  • Quick Change Tooling and Automatic Tool Changing. Quick change tooling reduces your setup time to enhance productivity. Automatic tool changing is also available as an option on many Tsugami models, even those using b-axis technology. 

These new technologies can help machine Swiss-style machining even more beneficial for your operation. Our webcast contains even more information about each piece of technology—you can watch it here on our YouTube channel. Also, please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss our next Game-Changing Technologies webcast.
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