Founded in 1940, Utex Industries Inc. is a leading innovator in the fluid sealing industry. Being customer-centric in their practices, Utex is very solution driven in their engineering and manufacturing of parts. Custom sealing solutions typically have long lead times for the oil and gas industry, but Utex leverages the strength of their engineers’ decades of experience to help create the industry’s highest quality parts with the fastest turnaround.


With over 20 Okuma LB4000 EX-II BBM lathes on their floor, along with other Okuma equipment, it is clear that Utex relies on the Okuma line to help them standardize making great products. The Okuma LB4000 series is built extremely heavy and provides all the features that allows Utex to produce the best quality parts. The rigidity and repeatability is what make the heavy frame on it the key to their success in being able to produce the best parts on the market in their industry. 

“Ever since we bought the first Okuma LB4000 in 2013, I believe our quality and our workmanship have increased, we have reduced our cycle times, and we have improved our throughput. We started out with three LB4000EXIIBBM lathes and now we have 22 of them – I think that speaks to the trust we have in both Okuma and Hartwig.”
~ Bill Skiles, Production Manager


“The Okuma machines reliability coupled with the outstanding service that we get from Hartwig is what we attribute our success in the industry to.”~ B. Skiles

When it comes to manufacturing support and service, Hartwig is able to assist Utex with any issue that may arise. From service to application engineering to the parts department, the team at Hartwig shares Utex ’s dedication to customer-focused, solution-driven service. Anytime there has been an issue in the past, the team at Utex can rely on Hartwig to respond promptly, show up on-site quickly, and take their issues as seriously as if they were their own.

“It all goes back to the service we receive. Anytime we call, it seems that Hartwig is here within 24 hours to give us the support we need and come up with creative solutions when needed to fix our issue.” ~ B. Skiles

The support from the Hartwig team does not only mean service and engineering. As a CMTSE certified sales team, the focus is always on what product will meet the specific and unique needs of each manufacturer.

“Our salesman, Bill Stain, is a perfect representation of Hartwig to us. He can answer any sales related question, but more importantly, with a background in application engineering, he has an unparalleled comprehension of what it takes to manufacture a part. Therefore, the sales process is very consultative.” ~ B. Skiles

As Utex focuses on how to make custom sealing solutions for their customers, Hartwig mirrors the focus by making sure that Utex has a custom solution for their manufacturing needs.

For more information, please contact:

Utex Industries or our Hartwig, Inc. Dallas, TX location