Cimarron Aerospace recently made its home in the former Kerr- McGee plutonium processing plant in Guthrie, Oklahoma, which was made famous by the film, Silkwood. The controversial building sat vacant for decades while it underwent constant testing for radioactive contamination, but now with an environmental deep-cleaning and remodel, today it resonates with new life thanks to Cimarron Aerospace. Reminders of its history can still be found throughout; however, the focus at Cimarron is the future as this manufacturer continues to position itself to have a big impact on the aerospace industry.


Cimarron Aerospace made the decision to start their shop with Okuma machine tools because of their well-known, high-quality equipment. Currently, the shop is running an Okuma M560-V vertical machining center with CAD conversion, alongside an Okuma LB3000 CNC Lathe with live tooling and CAD conversion. The repeatability of the Okuma machines provides Cimarron Aerospace the ability to run high production of their parts without sacrificing excellence.

“I spent months researching what to buy, and the quality of the Okuma machines simply could not be beat, especially with how affordable they are.” ~ Mike Burnett, Director of Operations

Walking through the historical building, details from the past are evident, but the vision for the shop is clear. The stage is set for Cimarron Aerospace to fill their building with more Okuma machines.


In order to make this future a reality, Cimarron Aerospace has partnered with Hartwig to provide solutions for their machine tool needs. Hartwig’s reputation with local service assured Cimarron Aerospace’s leadership that there would always be help available.

“I knew Hartwig’s track record for service, and after-the-sale support is vital to me. We knew that we were not just a priority until our check cleared. Hartwig gives us their support whenever we need it.” ~ M. Burnett


For more information, please contact:

Cimarron Aerospace or our Hartwig Broken Arrow, Oklahoma location.