Founded in 1975, C.E. Machine has evolved from two machines and four employees to a cutting-edge, leading manufacturer for the aerospace and military industry. Consistent growth has defined C.E. Machine just as much as its strong culture. C.E. Machine is able to compete in the aerospace industry as a powerhouse all while maintaining its small, family-run feel as an organization.

“Our culture is defined by a strong work ethic. That is what sets us apart from our competition. Our guys work really hard, and that is one of the reasons we keep growing.”
~ Brian Eck, President/Owner


Van Nguyen, CNC Lathe Supervisor at C.E. Machine, has been with the team since 1999. Brian Eck states, “I can throw any job at him and not give it another thought because I know it will get done. He is a hard worker who has built a fantastic team around him, and the Okuma machines are just simply great.”

“Putting it quite simply, an Okuma control is easy to use. ” ~ Van Nguyen, CNC Lathe Supervisor

With almost 20 Okuma machines on their floor, ranging from lathes to horizontal and vertical machining centers, C.E. Machine cross-trains their operators due to the simplicity of the OSP controls. This allows them to have operators float between cells as needed.

“We can take an operator with no machining experience and train them the way we like, because the OSP is so user-friendly.” ~ B. Eck

In 2015, C.E. Machine brought in their first full manufacturing cell consisting of forty-eight pallets and four Okuma machines. Since then, they have added three more Okuma machines, continuing to automate their production as they increase capacity for growth. Clay Spexarth, General Manager of C.E. states, “Okuma machines are designed to run 24/7, for 20 years straight. We run them hard and they stand up to it.”


The partnership between Hartwig and C.E. Machine has been there since the first CNC lathe was installed on the shop floor in 1996. The relationship that has formed between the two companies over time is characterized by trust and support.

“Randy Jokerst and Ron Sobanek helped train our team when the first lathe arrived. Both of them are still with Hartwig and continue to help us to this day.” ~ B. Eck

Ron Sobanek and the rest of the Hartwig Service Team consistently go above and beyond what is expected. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to resolve a problem and are only a phone call away. The extra effort from the team does not end with their Service Department, Hartwig as a whole is there to do whatever it takes to help the team at C.E. Machine get the job done.

“Why do we partner with Hartwig? Trust, local support, and partnership. We know we can go after big contracts with complete confidence because we know Hartwig will provide solutions – approaching our issues as if they were their own. Hartwig helps us win business!” ~ B. Eck

For more information, please contact:

C.E. Machine or our Hartwig Wichita, Kansas location.