The team at Baskins Machined Products (BMP) are not like other manufacturers, and they know it. Self-proclaimed nonconformists, their number one goal is to make quality parts, and fast. They are not interested in looking like, talking like, or machining like everyone else. The only thing that holds their interest is making sure that what they do is done to a higher standard.

Established in 2012, BMP is primarily focused on machining for the aerospace industry, but also does work in energy and other manufacturing sectors. BMP describes themselves as independent thinkers who enjoy the challenge of figuring out difficult parts.


As BMP continues to see rapid growth, they made the decision to continue to fill their new building with Okuma machines. They are currently running parts on two GENOS M560-V machining centers, one LB3000 EX-II lathe, eight MA-600II horizontal machining centers, and one MU-4000V.

BMP approached their decision on what type of machines to fill their shop with in a unique way. While BMP considered the obvious: price, performance, accuracy and the capabilities of the machines, they gave more weight to the relationship side of the decision.


“We wanted a partnership that would grow with us, and we knew that with Okuma and Hartwig, if we needed something, they would work hard to make sure we got it. We knew we had people on our side. There is an established relationship there.” ~ Andrew Baskin, Owner


“Our motto at BMP is simple: A Higher Standard. Hartwig truly aligns with that” ~ A. Baskin.

Being a company who does not think like anyone else, it was not surprising that BMP’s choice to partner with Hartwig did not have much to do with the product line. Instead, as a result of Hartwig’s unwavering commitment to excellence to each of their manufacturers, the team at BMP knew they could trust them to help build their business together.

“We know we can cut good parts on almost any machine; it is simply what we do. We made the decision to partner with Hartwig because of the power that relationship brings with it. Hartwig goes above and beyond to help us. They fight hard for our business in every sense: to earn it, to help grow it, and to continuously support it.”
~ David Easter, Director of Operations

The Hartwig team provides local support to keep the machines running, but more importantly, they listen. BMP knows as they face any issues with their machines that Hartwig will stand shoulder to shoulder with them, ready to solve the problem as if it were
their own.

“When we had a big, life changing project on the horizon, Hartwig was there with us to make sure we had everything we needed to win it. The knowledge of their machines and the passion for our success was clearly seen in every department. And it lasted long after we paid for the machines.” ~ D. Easter

Combining the high-quality machines from the Okuma line with the strength of the Hartwig relationship, BMP continues to do what they know they are the best at: make good parts – and fast.

For more information, please contact:

Baskins Machined Products or our Hartwig, Inc. Broken Arrow, OK location