A precision machining operation that has been around for over 50 years, Waples serves oil and gas, aerospace, material handling and other industries. As an organization, Waples has a culture and mission that aligns perfectly with Hartwig’s: passion and support. The focus at Waples is solving problems for their customers, whether that means finding ways to take out costs with different techniques or materials, providing turnkey solutions, or leveraging their strong vendor relationships to deliver the best possible results for their customers.

“This is not something that our people just show up and do their 9 – 5. Our team has a passion for this type of work, and we are truly trying to solve problems for our customers.” ~ Darryl Smith, CEO.

Waples is strategic and intentional about their growth and development. Analyzing their customers’ current and expected needs, Waples is building new capabilities to ensure they succeed, but more importantly, to ensure their customers succeed.


The team at Waples has a profuse amount of machining experience, with many machinists bringing over 20 years of expertise, and they maximize the skills of their team through leveraging the strength of the high-quality machine tool builders Hartwig brings to the table.

“My experience with Hartwig has been that the team has a strong understanding of the equipment, both their capabilities and how to deploy them so that we can achieve our goals. The Hartwig team also knew about what additional ancillary equipment was needed, from robotics to bar feeders to part catchers, so that we could deliver more value to our customers in the end.” ~ D. Smith.

Within the past few years, Waples Manufacturing has positioned themselves to be among the best in machining by purchasing three Okuma LB3000-MYWs, one Okuma LB3000BB-MYW, four Okuma LB3000-BBs, two Okuma LB4000-BBs, one Okuma MULTUS U3000 BB-2SW, one Okuma MA-600H, two Okuma MU400V Vertical 5-Axis mills, one Okuma GENOS M560-V with 4th and 5th axis rotary table, and one Tsugami BO38T.

“There is no questioning Okuma’s accuracy, dependability, and longevity, and that is the main key to our success with them. We have a mill that we bought in 2003, and it is as accurate today as it was 15 years ago.” ~ Tommy Jefferies, General Manager.

The entire process was consultative, with Waples sharing their vision and goals for their customers, and Hartwig helping select exactly what was needed to make it a reality. During the latest implementation of new equipment, there could have been a great deal of risk in buying such a large amount all at once, but with Hartwig’s assistance with project planning, the strong partnership handled any issue that arose together.

“Hartwig has been a value added partnership and trusted consultant. We were able to deploy our new equipment successfully and also bring on three new customers simultaneously. We could not have done it without Hartwig.” ~ D. Smith.

To achieve the growth they have planned, Waples knew it needed new equipment to be competitive.

“We have great machinists, I would put them up against anyone in the world, and now they have great equipment to exceed our competition for our customers.” ~ D. Smith

For more information, please contact:

Waples Manufacturing or our Hartwig, Inc. Dallas, TX location.