Badgett Corporation has been making high-quality parts for industries ranging from aerospace, auto racing, hydraulics, and natural gas for the better part of a century. With worldwide distribution of nuts, nipples, shoulders, adapters and sockets, Badgett can brag that whether orbiting the Earth on a space shuttle, flying on a jet, or driving in a car – their precision parts are keeping the world moving.


The answer to the question, Why choose Okuma machines?, was simple for Tim Sinn, CEO of Badgett Corporation. From a sales and business growth perspective, the capabilities of the Okuma machines has allowed them to broaden their scope of work.

“We would have never quoted some of the jobs we are now going after if it were not for the Okuma machines. The partnership with Okuma and Hartwig has changed the scope of our business and opened up a whole new avenue for us,” ~ Tim Sinn, CEO

With 80% of their business being in the aerospace sector, Badgett was looking for a machine that could provide tight tolerances, achieve strict finish requirements, handle difficult material, and produce high standards of work. This punch list and more were achieved with the purchase of their new Okuma LB3000 EX-II BBMY, Okuma GENOS L250, and Okuma GENOS L300.

Being a high volume shop, Badgett needed repeatability from their machine tools. Tweaking parts was not feasible while sustaining their high production demands. The team at Badgett never experienced a performance of a machine tool as great as the Okuma in the past.

“The question we are constantly asking ourselves is, how were we ever able to make these parts without our Okuma machines? The repeatability, the tight tolerances, the robust horsepower of the Okuma machines… how were we in business before our partnership with Hartwig and Okuma?”
~ Sinn stated.


When asked what a partnership with Hartwig meant to him, Sinn shared that Badgett recently received a new order with a very small lead time from a customer with a material that they had never machined before. With such a time crunch, Badgett’s team was unsure if they could meet the expectations. However, Hartwig set up a conference call with key partners and a plan was put in place. The next day, Badgett had an Application Engineer from Hartwig on their floor ready to help. Within four hours, their first part was running successfully. To this day, Badgett is making that part for their customer.

Hartwig’s partnership means full support. Plain and simple. Bringing established relationships with builders and suppliers, everyone is on the same page from the beginning – working together pro-actively towards a solution. “We always sense that Hartwig is just as passionate about finding solutions to our problems as we are.

“We have a shared sense of urgency and a shared sense of accomplishment,” Sinn stated when explaining why he views his relationship with Hartwig as a partnership.

While the install of the three Okuma machines went smoothly, Badgett shared that it is the support after the install that continues their trust in their relationship with Hartwig.

“We are really good at machining parts, but we are not experts at the inner-workings of the machines. And we do not have to be because of our partnership with Hartwig. We dedicate our time to making parts; Hartwig supports our needs on the machines and that value proposition Hartwig brings to the table is unparalleled.” ~ T. Sinn

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