Accurus Aerospace Corporation is a leader in aerospace manufacturing with an unyielding commitment to precision and quality. Accurus is the prominent supplier of highly-engineered metallic parts, kits and assemblies, and processing services for the aerospace and defense industry.

“Aircraft parts do not build themselves, but with partnerships like Accurus and Hartwig – we can.”
~ Larry Johnson, Vice President of Operations


Accurus Aerospace has been able to translate Okuma’s repeatability, speed, and high tolerances into a highly streamlined machining operation. At their Wichita, Kansas location, Accurus’ production is now two times faster and operation efforts went from five men down to one, after replacing five older machines with two Okuma M560-V’s.

“We love the OSP controls. Coupling that with the repeatability of the Okuma machines and the ability to run them unmanned, we are already looking into buying a second cell to duplicate these two M560’s.”
~ L. Johnson

Accurus also specializes in hard metal, 5-axis machining in titanium and steel. With the sheer power of a high-torque spindle on the Okuma MA500’s and MA600’s, and the addition of a 5th axis to the rotary, Accurus is able to cut 4-axis parts on one side and 5-axis parts on the other side.

“We have applied this same concept on the different size Okuma MA machines. The Okuma is so powerful that we are able to cut and surface the part in one pass with the custom, slotted cutter.”
~ L. Johnson

Accurus Aerospace knows that in order to continue to be a top supplier in the aerospace industry, it is imperative that they use cutting-edge and innovative machining operations. Through partnering with Hartwig and Okuma, Accurus gets the support and expertise needed to make things ready for flight.


The aerospace industry has become increasingly competitive over the last decade, including pressure to reduce costs and maintain high production rates. In order to meet these demands, Accurus relies not only on their own expertise in aerospace manufacturing but also the expertise and support of the team at Hartwig.

“The support from Hartwig has been unparalleled. They have everything we need in a machine tool partner: support, expertise, and great communication. Everyone at Hartwig is a phone call away and always eager to help. Doing business with them even still has the feel of working with a family-owned business.” ~ Don Moody, Senior Engineering Specialist

As Accurus Aerospace continued to grow, they knew they had to develop a collaborative partnership with a company who understood the challenges they would face. With over 60 years in the industry, Accurus chose Hartwig.

“We are a growing company and Hartwig has been willing to take on that risk to work with us. Offering flexibility and creativity to come up with solutions for us, making our growth possible, we would not have the business we do today without Hartwig.” ~ L. Johnson

For more information, please contact:

Accurus Aerospace or our Hartwig, Inc. Broken Arrow, OK location