These core concepts are the foundation and motivation behind the team at L&H Industrial. At the forefront of technological advancements, custom manufacturing, and comprehensive services for heavy industrial machinery used in mining, oil and gas, railways, and aerospace, L&H designs and manufactures the biggest machines on earth. L&H sets an expectation for themselves to constantly exceed their customers’ expectations, and as a company also in its third generation of family ownership, Hartwig shares a similar goal in the pursuit of their mission: To help people in manufacturing control their destiny every day.

Why Okuma?

Building the largest machines on the planet means requiring their machine tools to stand up to the hard demands L & H puts on them for their life, never going easy on them.  Therefore, L & H relies on the quality and longevity of Okuma machine tools to help them achieve their success. They recently retired a 1980 Okuma Cadet that was stood up to these high demands for over 35 years without wavering in excellence.

“The Okuma machine tools are resilient – we definitely abuse them with heavy cuts and constant uptime, but they stand up to our demands. Plus, the amount of power you get out of them is incomparable.”
~ Aaron Ennis, Machinist 

On top of their high horsepower and resilience, the Okuma machines also provide incredible rigidity and accuracy.  With three Okuma LB45 lathes, one Okuma MCR-AB double column, one Okuma Genos L300M, and one Okuma MCR-A 5CII L & H is pushing the robust Okuma machines hard with heavy cuts, high removal rates, and very little downtime.

Why Hartwig?

To summarize why L & H feels so confident in their partnership with Hartwig, it all comes down to two main drivers: Service and Support.  Quick responses to technical questions and troubleshooting machine issues over the phone in order to prevent the need to wait for a service engineer to be dispatched are just a couple of examples of how the technical services team at Hartwig support L & H’s team.

“In the machining world, Hartwig’s service and support is unmatched. Being in Wyoming, we know we are far away, and the ability to offer us good service is vital.”
~ Adam Konrad, Machine Shop Supervisor

Leveraging the power of their relationships with the most trusted and high-quality machine tool builders and suppliers, Hartwig is also able to bring the right people to the table to help support L&H with their manufacturing needs.

“The responsiveness, depth and breadth of knowledge, and personal touch we get from the Hartwig team is why we feel comfortable trusting them with our business.” ~ A. Konrad

For more information, please contact:

L&H Industrial or our Hartwig, Inc. Aurora, CO location.