“Quality Work Delivered On Time” – this pledge from Hirsh Precision Products to their customers resonates through every decision they make. From recruiting honest, passionate and engaged team members to investing in innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Hirsh’s focus on quality and devotion to exceeding customer expectations has fueled the company’s success.


Since Hirsh Precision began in 1979, Okuma has provided accurate, durable machine tools and excellent customer service. As a high-mix, low-volume contract manufacturer, Hirsh currently utilizes two Okuma MU-4000Vs, two Okuma MF-46VAs, one Okuma MB-56VA, one Okuma LT200-SBB/SBMY, one MX45-VAE, one Okuma LU-15, one Okuma LU-15M, one Okuma LC-10, and one Okuma MC-3.

“We machine a variety of high precision parts and need to hold tolerances of .0005″ or less. We rely on the quality of the machine tools we purchase from Okuma. They have done a great job of incorporating innovation into their machine tools without releasing unproven technology into the field.” ~ Peter Doyle, Chief Operating Officer

The Okuma brand is rooted in building machines that are extremely reliable and durable. Of all the machines at Hirsh Precision, Okuma machines consistently live up to this reputation.


The culture at Hartwig runs parallel to the culture at Hirsh Precision. Both companies are led by a commitment to conduct business with integrity. This commitment is energized by their passion for the industry and enthusiasm for creating world-class customer experiences. This alignment of principles and passions lays the groundwork for a productive partnership between Hirsh Precision and Hartwig.

“Hartwig has consistently expressed an interest in learning more about our business and our needs. We appreciate the way they strive to improve their customer service. Our partnership has continued to deepen and we anticipate Hartwig will be a part of our growth story in the future.” ~ P. Doyle

When the team at Hirsh Precision invests in a machine tool, they are detailed in every aspect of the process – from initial research through the purchase, to the installation and ramp-up period. This thorough approach, paired with Hartwig’s customer service and ability to provide high-quality machine tools, ensures each machine tool investment meets Hirsh Precision’s expectations.

With two Okuma machines running on an automated Fastems cell, along with a Swiss machining cell of three Tsugami machine tools, Hartwig has a wide breadth of offerings that allow Hirsh Precision to choose what is right for their business.

“When we purchase a piece of equipment, we expect our distributor to communicate well, track the purchasing process in an organized way, and follow through on the commitments they make. Hartwig delivers on those expectations.” ~ P. Doyle

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Hirsch Precision Products or our Hartwig, Inc. Aurora, CO location.