Established in 1980, Glacier Tool and Die is the definition of small and mighty. A small arms defense contractor specializing in medium to high volume production, they have developed a full range of capabilities to fulfill the needs of their customers. In order to achieve their high standards and high production rates, Glacier Tool and Die has chosen to partner with Hartwig for manufacturing support and solutions to help them continuously incorporate new technologies and techniques.


“Hartwig is an extension of our company. They treat us like we all work under the same roof.”
~ Cody Dolce, Owner and Vice President.

Glacier Tool and Die previously purchased a Fanuc robot; however, they had not yet put it into production. When they decided it was time, the dealer they were working with would not use the robot to proceed with automation and wanted them to purchase a new one. The team at Glacier Tool and Die then looked to Hartwig for help.

A relationship with the Hartwig team allowed Glacier Tool and Die to leverage the strength of Hartwig’s partnerships with Okuma and GOSIGER Automation to achieve their production goal.

“Hartwig, as a company in general, blows us away. We are a small family business, and they continue to go above and beyond to support us.” ~ C. Dolce

Joining forces with Hartwig means access to the skills and strengths of an entire team who are all in pursuit of the same mission: Help people in manufacturing control their destiny every day!

Service and Application Engineers who are readily available, a sales team who has unparalleled industry knowledge, and a line card of the highest quality partners, all come together ready to help each step of the way.


“For being in business as long as we have, we know Okuma is the future for us.” ~ C. Dolce

When Glacier Tool and Die integrated their robot with the Okuma M-460VE and GOSIGER automation package, they reached their goal of achieving more efficiency and high productivity. The system is running lights out 24/7, simply sending a text message when there is problem with the machine to minimize any unplanned downtime. Furthermore, automating the cell freed up two operators to work on other projects in the shop.

With the rigidity of the Okuma, every job Glacier Tool and Die moves to them simply runs better. Running a drill on one specific part, their tool life was approximately 1,600 pieces on another machine line, but when they put it on the Okuma machine, tool life went up to 9,000 pieces. Success did not stop there with the Okuma machines; on another part, achieving a 66% increase in production, Glacier Tool and Die has already saved 14 days of production.

Glacier Tool and Die continues to position itself for success in manufacturing high quality, precision parts, now with the support of a partnership with Hartwig.

For more information, please contact:

Glacier Tool & Die or our Hartwig, Inc. Aurora, CO location