Accurus Aerospace Corporation is a leader in aerospace manufacturing with an unyielding commitment to precision and quality. Accurus is the prominent supplier of highly-engineered metallic parts, kits & assemblies, and processing services for the aerospace and defense industry.

“Aircraft parts do not build themselves, but with partnerships like Accurus and Hartwig – we can.”
~ Larry Johnson, Vice President of Operations


In their relentless pursuit of perfect quality and cost-effective solutions, Accurus Aerospace knew it needed to explore more state-of-the-art machining equipment. This drive to harness the most cutting-edge technologies coupled flawlessly with Modig Machine Tool’s constant innovation.

“Forget conventional milling. The Modig HHV is a different and better way to do the work. It is a truly revolutionary technology with unparalleled capabilities.” ~ Don Moody, Senior Engineering Specialist

At Accurus Aerospace in Tulsa, Oklahoma, two Modig HHV mills sit face to face, making up an impressive cell being run by one operator. The true return on investment from these Modig HHV’s comes from the reduction of raw material waste – with only 10 ounces of waste within this one operation. This material optimization helps the machines pay for themselves over time, and the vastly improved cycle times equal even more productivity and profit.

“Modig offers high metal removal rates, single operations, complete part machining, and material optimization – all are key components of reducing costs.” ~ L. Johnson

It is no doubt that the Modig HHV is unlike any of the many machine tools on the floor of Accurus Aerospace. With that commitment to advanced machining comes a need for a solid support network, and Accurus receives this through Hartwig and Modig together.

“When utilizing the highest end, state-of-the-art technology, you must have a knowledgeable and experienced support network, and that is what the teams at Hartwig and Modig both bring to the table. They are there for support, they are there to provide solutions, and they are there until the end of a project.” ~ L. Johnson


As Accurus Aerospace continues to grow, it sought out a partner who understood the challenges it would be facing. Hartwig is excited to be a part of the consistent progress at Accurus Aerospace.

“We are a growing company and Hartwig has been willing to take on that risk to work with us. Offering flexibility and creativity to come up with solutions for us and making our growth possible, we would not have the business we do today without Hartwig.” ~ L. Johnson

The aerospace industry has become increasingly competitive over the last decade, including pressure to reduce costs and maintain high production rates. Having a long and trusted partnership with Hartwig allowed Accurus Aerospace to have the confidence to explore the recommendation of bringing in Modig Machine Tool as a possible solution to the current aerospace manufacturing environment.

“The support from Hartwig has been unparalleled. They have everything we need in a machine tool partner: support, expertise, and great communication. Everyone at Hartwig is a phone call away and always eager to help. Doing business with them has the feel of working with a family-owned business.” ~ D. Moody

For more information, please contact:

Accurus Aerospace or our Hartwig, Inc. Broken Arrow, OK location