Hartwig Lifetime Training Program


The investment in your CNC equipment can pay even greater dividends when it is put to use in a skillful and safe way. The success and profitability of your business depends on the quality of your operators. Valuable operators move the maximum amount of metal in the minimum amount of time. They operate machines efficiently and safely, and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear and downtime.

With this said, Hartwig is pleased to announce that we provide our customers with a FREE Lifetime Training Program. This program enables any number of customer operators to attend for FREE, any scheduled training class, seminar or session at a Hartwig facility or sponsored location. This program is for all customers who have purchased machines and/or parts or service from Hartwig. Unlike previous training programs, there are no credits required – every scheduled class or seminar is 100% FREE!

  • FREE Lifetime Training is open to the employees of all Hartwig customers.
  • Pre-registration is required for all classes due to capacity limits. First come, first served. Unfortunately we cannot accept day-of shows.
  • This program enables customers to attend training at any facility outside of their current Hartwig location, if desired.
    (Please note that all travel expenses are to be covered by the attendee.)
  • There are no limits on the number of total classes one person can attend. They just need to sign-up on-line and join us.

Everybody Deserves an Education To Productivity!