Machine Monitoring


Reach the next level of machine tool intelligence with Hartbeat.

Hartbeat integrates with the powerful XMC software platform from Industrial Equipment Software, allowing your team of Hartwig technical experts to monitor your machines proactively. We’ve got you covered 24/7, so you can rest assured that your operation is being monitored on nights, weekends, or any time you’re away from the shop.

Why Hartbeat?

Our finger is on the pulse of your operation.
With direct insight to your operation, our team can support you in preventing unplanned downtime and shortening lead time on parts and service. And since our eyes are on your machine tool health, you can confidently turn your attention to production, quality, and continuous improvement.

How It Works

Smart integration for maximum visibility.
Live machine health condition data is sent securely to your local Hartwig service manager. Your Hartwig experts analyze your machine data to identify concerning trends or issues, and if any are present, your service manager will proactively contact you to schedule service and source needed parts.

Ready to get started with Hartbeat?

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