I am pleased to share that Hartwig has gone live with the recent purchase of our FieldPoint – Service and Scheduling application. In the past few Diamond Mine issues, I have shared a little data about why we made this decision. I believe that taking the time to go into a little more detail would be helpful to explain why we invested and converted from our CRM application to a new solution and how your comments and feedback helped to influence this.

Back in 2009, we launched our service module in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. We knew that automating the service case process would speed up the time to repair your machines as well as provide reports, along with allowing us a simple way to view past cases and historical trend data on the more than 10,000 machines in our territory. CRM served its purpose well, but as we have grown to more than 80 service technicians, with more than a half dozen open service positions still to fill, along with adding a fleet of trucks and parts inventory, our ability to scale and schedule needed improvement. This also happened to be the number one message we received from you, our customer, was our ability to improve our scheduling and planning of resources.

Jeff Scace, Service Engineer, working on an Okuma LB3000 EX II in Hartwig’s showroom in St. Louis, MO.

In 2017, we began the process of reviewing service applications available and looked through the many software packages on the market to fit our needs and yours. In the end, we deciding on the FieldPoint solution.

FieldPoint stood out with the following key features we knew would take our support abilities to the next level:

–  Great partner looking to help us improve our service capabilities and capacity.
–  Easy to use interfaces.
–  The ability for our service force to primarily use their cell phone for greater real-time connectivity versus a traditional laptop.
–  Direct integration with our parts team for part requests, orders and feedback.
–  Direct Integration into our invoicing and accounting software.
–  Future customization flexibility.
–  Integrated resource and service calendaring function to enhance case planning and resolution.
–  Reporting and trending analysis.

I’m so pleased to share that we began our soft launch with our Midwest region February 1st with little issue and went companywide on March 1st throughout our entire territory. There is no doubt in my mind that we are already seeing the benefits and improvement of our new system. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding,” and we hope over the next several months you will see and feel the difference in the investment we made.

Please continue to share your thoughts and opinions with our team as it is the only way we can ensure the changes we make are the ones that help you the most. We stay committed to incorporate the latest in technology and service solutions to keep you manufacturing competitively each and every day.

We are still listening…

Seth Machlus – Vice President of Operations

Note: If you have feedback for us, please email Heather Johnson, Project Coordinator, at ( or call anytime at (314) 684-4120.