Hartwig Inks Partnership with EOS — Named as Distributor for Industrial 3D Printing Equipment

EOS, the world’s leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, expanded its North American sales channel into the traditional machine tooling industry by entering a partnership with Hartwig, Inc. The company will serve as their distributor to customers in states the Midwest, Southwest, and Mountain regions.

Hartwig will now offer manufacturing companies the full range of EOS additive manufacturing machines for metal and plastics. Now, customers of Hartwig can meet the paradigm shift in manufacturing and use the technology to lightweight structures, reduce cost based on functional integration, increase individualization and accelerate product development and production.

“Manufacturing companies in North America are looking to additive manufacturing technology more and more,” says Andrew Snow, Senior Vice President of EOS North America. “Partnering with a company that has the breadth of distribution capabilities of Hartwig is crucial to meet current and future demands for the solutions that EOS offers.”

Through the shifting demand of the manufacturing industry, Hartwig has remained nimble, slowly growing its industrial 3D printing know-how to complement the traditional machine tool equipment operations on which they’ve built their reputation. The company sees a partnership with EOS as the next step in growing their capabilities in the space to serve the region they support.

“We want our customers to know that we’re just as serious about their future as they are,” said Geoff Hartwig, President of Hartwig, Inc. “EOS technology is the best and most advanced in the market, and partnering with them allows us to rethink manufacturing and design as we, and our customers, know it.”

To check out the additive manufacturing offering available from Hartwig and EOS, please go here.

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