Greetings Agents,

At Hartwig, helping manufacturers like you succeed is our passion. We are proud to support you in your mission to create the products that keep our world moving forward.

I’m sure you are already aware that additive manufacturing (3D printing) is on the rise, in some cases replacing traditional methods as its quality of output increases and parts become increasingly repeatable. Additive also enables maximum freedom when it comes to design, since it is not subject to the same limitations as conventional manufacturing.

At Hartwig, our core mission is to help manufacturers like you control their destiny—and we believe that education and anticipating industry trends are “mission-critical” components of this ability. Additive manufacturing has the potential to influence broad-based change in the way things are made. We want you to be out ahead of this wave to capitalize on it, instead of getting simply swept along for the ride.

This October, we are partnering with EOS, the world’s leading additive manufacturing machine tool supplier, to put on an event where you can experience their polymer and metals technology firsthand. Even if you’re unsure what impact additive may have on your business, we believe this event will offer you immense value in learning about its implications on manufacturing as a whole.

If you are available to attend, your air travel and lodging costs will be covered by Hartwig.

We only have 30 spots available, so contact your Hartwig Sales Engineer or e-mail to secure your spot today! We hope to see you in Texas this October!

Wednesday October 16th, 2019

8:30am – Welcome Breakfast

9am – EOS Corporate Overview/Hartwig Welcome

9:45am – Integra P 400 manufacturing line Tour

10am – BREAK

10:15am – Polymer Applications Deep Dive – Mohit/Cary TBD

11am – Plastics Showroom Tour

12pm – LUNCH (catered in-house)

1pm – Metal Applications Deep Dive – Spencer/Ankit

2pm – Metals Showroom Tour

3pm – BREAK

3:15pm  – Case Study Tooling TBD

4:15pm – Mission Critical Additive Manufacturing, taking advantage of the new tool in your tool box. TBD

5:00pm – Closing comments

You’ll be visiting EOS’s state-of-the-art North American Headquarters, located in the city of Pflugerville, TX, a suburb of Austin.

3813 Helios Way
Suite #298,
Pflugerville, TX 78660

Don’t miss out! Contact your Hartwig Sales Engineer or e-mail to secure your spot today!