RH Series Rotating Head Cutoff Machines

Manufacturer: BARDONS & OLIVER
Series: Rotating Head Cutoff Machine
Type: Horizontal Lathes

When your operation requires cutoff AND end finishing including chamfering and counterboring (both the I.D and O.D simultaneously), bevels, O.D. steps or shoulders and more, you need the second generation Bardons & Oliver RH-Series Rotating Head Cutoff Machine. Seven different models of our rotary head cutoff machine allow for the processing of material with maximum outside diameters ranging from 5″ up to 16″, utilizing quick set-up with programmable size changeover.

The RH-Series Rotating Head (Rotary Head) Cutoff Machine
Models 500, 700, 700HP, 900, 1100, 1300 and 1600

The Bardons & Oliver RH-Series Rotating Head Machine takes precision tube and bar cutting and adds in-line end finishing allowing users to produce a complete finished workpiece IN ONE OPERATION!

While holding the material stationary (a distinct advantage for processing irregular or small diameter tubes), the head rotates to cutoff, chamfer, counterbore, face groove and more to produce the exact end finish your part requires. Digital servos and hydraulics create a level of flexibility not found in any traditional cutoff lathe.

The sophisticated but easy-to-use control panel utilizes ten standard screens that afford the operator complete process control over every job.

The RH-Series rotary head machine can be central to any lean manufacturing plant allowing users to run the parts your customers need. . .when they need them. . .how they need them.