RH-700HP Rotating Head Cutoff Machine

Manufacturer: BARDONS & OLIVER
Series: Rotating Head Cutoff Machine
Type: Horizontal Lathes

When you need high production cutoff of tube and bar, the Bardons & Oliver RH-700HP Rotating Head Cutoff Machine is the clear solution. When compared with a saw, this rotary head cutoff machine can attain tight length tolerances resulting in less material loss. In addition, the RH-700HP delivers increased cutting capacity and productivity for high volume

More Cutting Capacity
The key to success in high volume cutting is square inches per minute, hour after hour, day in and day out- and that is where the RH-700HP excels.

Precision Cut Blanks – Lathe Tolerances From a Rotary Head Cutoff

The RH-700HP is capable of producing finished workpieces in a strict Cpk environment requiring a length tolerance down to +/-0.005”. The raw material loss of a sawed blank when compared to a precision blank from our rotary head machine, the RH-700HP can amount to thousands of dollars per year. Length tolerance control and parallelism means less material lost during downstream finishing operations.

  • Achieve 45-50 sq.in./min. or more on high production heavy-wall tube processing
  • Uses up to four cutting tools simultaneously
  • Controls process times by providing constant feed rate with load monitoring
  • Minimizes non-cut time by tailoring material handling equipment to the process
  • Optional Mist Coolant System significantly increases tool life, improves surface finish on finished workpiece faces, and increases potential cutting tool feed rates