RB-M Series

Manufacturer: SNK AMERICA
Series: Double Column
Type: Double Column

RB-M Double Column Machining Centers deliver 5-face, single set-up machining at an affordable price. Rigid double column design assures ultra-precise machining coupled with excellent work envelope access. The 5-face attachment changer combined with the high efficiency tool changer deliver significant boosts in productivity and accuracy.

These machines have both an automatic tool changer and right-angle attachment changer. A wide assortment of spindles is available to meet specific machining requirements. In addition to the X, Y & Z axes, a CNC controlled 4th axis (W) expands machining capability and provides exceptional rigidity for rigorous cutting conditions. The generous quill stroke (Z) allows exceptional access to cavities simplifying deep hole cutting.


  • 5 Face, Single Set-Up Machining
    • 1 degree indexing (standard) expands multi-face machining capability
    • Reduces set-up time – boosts productivity
    • Maintains geometries for optimum precision
    • Wide assortment of special attachments available including universal, 30 degree inclined and more
  • Affordably Priced
    • Fast return on investment
  • Rigid Double Column Design and Construction
    • Optimum machine rigidity for rigorous machining
    • Superb accuracy and finish capability
    • Easy access to work table simplifies set-up
  • Automatic Tool Changer and Right Angle Attachment Changer
    • Simplifies 5-face machining operations
  • Wide Assortment of Spindles
    • High-speed, high-power and high-torque
  • CNC Controlled 4th Axis (W)
    • Allows expanded machining capability with added rigidity
  • Generous Quill Stroke
    • Ideal for deep pocket machining and tall workpieces