Poseidon - Moving Bridge

Manufacturer: CMS
Type: Double Column, Milling, Vertical Machining Centers

Providing a wide range of accurate, high production, Mobile Bridge, 5-axis, Vertical Machining Centers for today’s composite and light metal manufacturers, looking to take advantage of high speed machining technology. Excellent for small to large 3 dimensional part format sizes.

CMS developed the Poseidon vertical machining center for durability, reliability and precision machining of advanced materials. Poseidon is a mobile bridge 5 axis CNC machine with an impressive array of optional work envelop sizes, working units, worktables, custom fixtures, tool storage, and accessories to choose from. The Poseidon moving bridge can be supplied in either a single work zone or optional dual work zone to allow for pendular work cycles.

Poseidon is built for large machining projects, never compromising rigidity or stability, and reaching impressively large work envelop sizes of up to 10.3 m (33.79′) for the Y axis , 60 m (196.85′) for the X axis, and 5.3 m (17.39′) for the Z axis. To further improve its overall structural stability Poseidon’s B & C axes are equipped with a pneumatic breaking system, which locks either or both the B or C axis when their interpolated movement is not required, resulting in near 3 axis rigidity.

All CMS machining centers excel in precision, and Poseidon delivers the tight tolerances needed for the aerospace, automotive, military and marine industries. And, while Poseidon is inherently very accurate, optional Linear Scales can be utilized to nearly double its accuracy. This doubled accuracy is particularly appreciated when machining today’s advanced materials such as occur in the aerospace industry, where parts must adhere to tight tolerances.

Safety and longevity have always been hallmarks of CMS’ machining centers. As a result of this concern, side panels and doors completely surround the Poseidon working envelope to ensure safe operation, reduced noise levels, and dust and debris control. Poseidon is also available with complete room enclosures and optional retractable roof, lighting, fire protection, and down-draft dust collection systems, making it possible for Poseidon to better control and capture carcinogenic dust particles. The Poseidon 5 axis CNC machining center also comes in dry, mist or full flood versions, as may be required.