Manufacturer: OKUMA
Series: MILLAC 33TU
Type: 5-Axis, Milling

The MILLAC 33TU is a combination vertical lathe and 5-axis machining center that performs heavy-duty milling and turning operations in one setup. It features quick startup of the M and L spindles with a high power/high torque motor and a rapid traverse rate of 1,575 ipm. Increased spindle clamping force makes the MILLAC 33TU the right choice for heavy milling operations. The high speed automatic tool changer features a tool-to-tool time of 1.4 sec and a chip-to-chip time 3.5 sec. The hang-down magazine is located between columns, reducing tool preparation time. The proven box type construction reduces vibration and tool chatter, even during the heaviest cuts. The small footprint of the MILLAC 33TU high performance machining center makes it the ideal choice for shops needing to add efficient milling and turning capability to their machine inventory.

Featured Specifications

Maximum Cutting Diameter mm (in) Ø200 (Ø7.87)
Maximum Cutting Length mm (in) 100 (3.94)
Spindle Speed – Lathe mm⁻¹ (rpm) 10~1,000
Spindle Speed – Mill mm⁻¹ (rpm) 120~12,000
Spindle Motor (Cont/30Min) kW (hp) 11/15 (15/20)
Rapid Traverse X:Y:Z mm/min (ipm) 40,000 (1,575)
Tool Storage Capacity 16