Mikron HEM 700U

Series: High Efficiency Machine
Type: 5-Axis, Milling

The milling Mikron HEM 700U with its newly developed rotary tilting table is convincing with competitive performance in terms of rigidity and versatility in its class. It is the ergonomic answer to the standard production of precision parts in prototyping and single parts to small batch series productions.

For Effective Machining

5-side machining offers considerable advantages for large and small components. By means of 5-side technology it is possible to machine a wide variety of shapes and surfaces in one chucking.

  • Rotary tilting table available as pallet version:
  • System 3R (Dynafix)
  • Rotary tilting table available as generously dimensioned table top version ø 19.65 in (500 mm) with parallel T-slots)
  • Cartesian (rectangular) alignment of the axes – results in coherent tool/workpiece movement during the milling process
  • Direct measuring on the B and C-axis

Key Points

  • Easy and safe operation. Bigger parts can be milled compared to competitors, because of a smart arrangement of the axis.  Benefit => increased flexibility.
  • Excellent accessibility and ergonomics. Benefit => ideal for job shops and small batch size production
  • Ergonomic access to the work piece even with automation. By loading the pallets from the side, there will be no restriction of work piece access.
  • Unique integrated automation capability. Benefit => easy and simple to retrofit on site.

Featured Specifications

 X, Y, Z Travel  in 27.559 x 23.622 x 19.685
 Working Spindle (40% ED, S6)
 Torque 40% ED  rpm 12 000 (ISO / BT-40)
 Feed Rate
 Rapid Traverse (X, Y, Z)  ft/min 98.43
 Rapid Traverse (B, C)  rpm 32 / 112
 Tool Magazine DT 30 / CT 60 pcs
 Pallet Size – Number (2) 5 Delphin 400/400
 Control Unit
 Heidenhain iTNC 530