Leitz Reference XT

Series: CMMs Small and Medium
Type: Inspection and Measurement

Scanning performance continues in the Leitz Reference XT series. The Leitz Reference XT excels at temperature resistance and can be integrated into production easily. Leitz Reference XT offers a choice of high precision probe head systems from the LSP-X1 in combination with the continuous wrist TESASTAR-m through the fixed measurement head LSP-X3c right up to the LSP-X5.

With a multi-sensor controller, the Leitz Reference XT series is also well equipped for the integration of vision measurement sensors. It turns in reliable measuring performance throughout its extended temperature range of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, thanks to a sophisticated temperature compensation system. Indispensible for measuring in a production environment.

The Leitz Reference XT is available in the following sizes:

  • 10.7.6
  • 15.9.7
  • 20.9.7
  • 22.12.9

Standard Package

  • Reference HP High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • B4s Controller with Advanced Microprocessor Electronics
  • Operator Console with Speed Control
  • Leitz LSP-S2 Scanning Probe Head
  • Stylus Holder
  • Standard Styli Kit
  • 30 mm Ceramic Qualification Sphere
  • Standard Clamping Kit
  • Workpiece Temperature Sensor
  • Training for one of the following:
    • Basic QUINDOS 7 (2 students for 5 days)
    • Advanced QUINDOS 7 (2 students for 5 days)
    • Basic PC-DMIS CAD++ (2 students for 5 days)
    • Advanced PC-DMIS CAD++ (2 students for 4 days)
  • On-site Performance Verification
  • Installation
  • System Warranty with Telephone Applications Support, One (1) Year


Probing Options and Accessories:

  • LSP-S2 Automatic Styli Change Rack (for select CMM sizes)
  • Additional Positions for Automatic Styli Change Rack
  • Additional Stylus Holder
  • Styli Holder with Fixed Cube
  • Additional LSP-S2 Stylus Kit (M5)
  • Additional LSP-S2 Styli of various lengths

 Software Options:

  • QUINDOS Gear Packages
  • QUINDOS Worm Packages
  • QUINDOS Misc. Geometries Packages
  • QUINDOS Statistic Packages
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Packages
  • PC-DMIS Blade
  • Datapage+ Packages