Manufacturer: OKUMA
Series: Genos L Series
Type: Horizontal Lathes, Turning

The latest in the GENOS L series of lathes, the GENOS L3000 features an integral spindle for powerful, high precision CNC machining. This one-saddle lathe is stronger, smaller and ideal for cutting a wide range of exotic materials with ease. The integral spindle motor provides increased machining capacity as highly rigid guide-ways handle powerful cutting capabilities. This highly evolved horizontal lathe delivers turning, optional milling capabilities and a Y-axis in a compact footprint.

The GENOS L3000-M (optional milling function) has high speed milling and Y-axis options on specific models allowing users to select the best specifications for a particular workpiece length and shape. Shop floor productivity is increased with a mounted NC tailstock that allows for easy setup of various workpieces. TAS-C (Thermo Active Stabilizer) construction is standard and automatically compensates thermal effects to maintain tight tolerances.

The GENOS L3000 is an operator-friendly designed machine that simplifies cleaning, filtration and maintenance tasks. User-friendly features include:

  • A separate cooling tank for quick servicing
  • Easy spindle access to reduce operator work burden and maintenance tasks
  • Reduced chip accumulation during long, continuous runs decreases machine downtime for cleaning


  • Machining Navigation
  • Collision Avoidance System

Featured Specifications

 Maximum Turning Diameter  mm (in)  Ø 310 (Ø 15.5)
 Spindle Nose Type  JIS A2-8
 Speed Range  min⁻¹  38~3,800
 Power 30 min  kW (hp) 22 (29)
 Power Cont.  kW (hp)  15 (20)
 Rapid Traverse  m (in)/min  25/30 (984/1,181)