FSP Series

Manufacturer: SNK AMERICA
Series: 5-Axis Profilers
Type: 5-Axis

High-precision vertical 5-axis machining for complex contouring of small and medium sized components.

A & B rotary axes within a rugged box frame spindlehead along with a high-torque spindle motor make these VMCs of choice for hard metal machining. The FSP-80V is ideal for small to medium sized parts while the FSP-120V is ideal for longer and multiple fixture workpieces.


  • Highly rigid open type 5-axis design
    • Improves ease of operation
  • Equipped with a 30 hp gear driven spindle
    • Offers improved stability in cutting hard metals
  • Rigid box-style double-pinion drive spindlehead with wide A & B axis ranges
    • Ensures stables, continuous 5-axis machining even under the most demanding load
  • Features Turcite slideways
    • Ensures accurate machining of difficult-to-cut materials by greatly reducing vibration
  • 40 tool high efficiency ATC system (60, 80 optional)
    • Shortens cycle times for increased production