DEA Alpha

Series: CMMs Large
Type: Inspection and Measurement

The DEA ALPHA is an all-purpose flexible CMM that is available in two versions: ALPHA Classic and ALPHA Performance. Equipped with a high-productivity 3D scanning laser head and continuous servo wrist options, it can rapidly acquire millions of data points from complex contoured shapes and is the ideal system for die and mold manufacturing process. All ALPHA versions can be supplied with optional bellows and covers which offer machine protection for airborne shop contaminants.

The gantry architecture is the ideal solution for all measurement applications for large-sized automotive and aerospace components, as well as heavy transportation, communication and satellite equipment. Easy loading and integration with part transportation systems, ease of access to the measuring volume, and world class dynamic and accuracy performance are some of the most prized capabilities of the DEA gantry line.

ALPHA Classic is a multi-purpose flexible CMM for dimensional inspection of large casting and machined parts. When equipped with optical scanning sensors, the system can rapidly digitize millions of data points on free-form components. It is therefore an ideal reverse-engineering and inspection system for the die and mold manufacturing process.

ALPHA Performance is a high performance gantry CMM which incorporates several unique design features and state-of-the-art components such as a high-resolution dual scale system on the Y axis and a high rigidity silicon carbide spindle. Linear temperature compensation makes ALPHA Performance an extreme performer and easy to use under all operating conditions.

The DEA Alpha Classic is available in the following sizes:

  • 20.33.10
  • 20.33.15
  • 20.50.15
  • 25.33.15
  • 25.50.15
  • 25.33.18
  • 25.50.18
  • Custom sizes are available

Standard Package

  • DEA Alpha Classic Gantry Machine
  • Control System
  • Probe Head
  • Touch Trigger Probe
  • Probe Styli Kit
  • Calibration Sphere
  • Computer System, Printer, Monitor, Table/Workstation
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software for Windows
  • DataPage R/T Statistical Software
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software Training
  • PC-DMIC CAD Software Training
  • Project Management for Review of Foundation Requirements
  • On-line User’s and Maintenance Manuals
  • Installation and On-Site Performance Verification
  • On-line User’s and Maintenance Manuals
  • PC-DMIS CAD++ Software Training
  • Scanning Probe Ready


  • Probing Options
  • Environmental Options
  • Software Options
    • Direct CAD Interfaces
    • Data View Software
    • PC-DMIS CAD++ Offline (when ordered with a new machine)