CMV Series

Manufacturer: SNK AMERICA
Series: 5-Axis Profilers
Type: 5-Axis

The CMV Series of 5-axis machining centers are specifically designed to machine complex workpieces such as aircraft components, dies & molds and more. They can be used to machine various materials including aluminum alloy, steel and titanium.

Column-feed design eliminates table overhang and assures easy maintenance of machining accuracy. The machine has two rotary axes of spindlehead tilt (A-axis) and table rotation (C-axis) in addition to the three linear axes of table longitudinal travel (X-axis), column transverse travel (Y-axis) and spindlehead vertical travel (Z-axis), and all 5-axes are simultaneously controlled by the CNC.

The CMV Series can meet various requirements covering continuous 5-axis and inclined surface machining.


  • Wide machining range
    • Tilting range of the A-axis (from +30° to -120°) allows operator to easily execute undercuts in a single setup
  • Unique tilting spindle design
    • Delivers true 5-axis machining/contouring and ensures stable machining of heavy workpieces
  • Column-feed design and construction
    • Eliminates table overhang to maintain machining accuracy
  • Features a 34/30 HP (VAC 25/22kW) built-in spindle motor (CMV-100)
    • Meets high-speed and high-power cutting requirements for larger workpieces
  • Features rotary table dynamic fixture compensation
    • Automatically compensates for work origin moves due to C-axis rotation of the rotary table for precision machining