Modig’s HHV – Changing the Way of Manufacturing

Innovative manufacturing solutions are the standard for Modig Machine Tool’s offerings, and the HHV line is further proof of this. Consisting of the Modig HHV-3 and HHV-2, both machines in this line are ready to offer your operation serious return on investment.

The Modig HHV-3 (formerly known as the Extrusion Mill or BarMill) has the ability to rotate 200-inch bar stock to allow for all-around access for aluminum milling of 3- and 4-axis parts within a 6″ x 10″ cross section in one operation. Reducing raw material waste by 20-30% and boasting faster cycle times of 40-60%, this revolutionary machine is ready to optimize your production while lowering costs. Machining aluminum or composite extrusions, the HHV-3 is ready to optimize aerospace production seat tracks, floor beams, stringer clips/brackets, fuselage stringers, or fuselage floor grid components, and various automotive components. Perfectly designed for all extrusions up to 60 feet long, this machine has three chucks to guarantee higher accuracy on long parts. This is ideal for parts such as seat tracks, with two chucks holding the piece at all times to reduce slippage between shuttling. The ground-breaking rotatory chuck design allows the HHV to control the reference jaw by using the CNC system, allowing for the jaw to clamp surfaces machined to a new position.

The Modig HHV-2 (formerly known as the HHV Professional) is a smaller version of the HHV-3. It utilizes two chucks instead of three. This extrusion mill also offers reduced cycle times and less raw material waste compared to traditional machining methods.

When Modig Machine Tool was founded in 1947, offering customers the same industry standards as the rest was never the goal. Modig has always focused on exceeding the norm through constant advancement, unparalleled quality, and a tireless ingenuity. Innovation is a brand standard at Modig Machine Tool, and this is exemplified masterfully by the HHV line. Manufacturing companies who have experienced Modig’s game-changing technologies, like Accurus Aerospace, love the improvements to productivity combined with the support and industry expertise of the Hartwig and Modig teams.

Video Testimonial from Accurus Aerospace:

See the Modig HHV in Action:

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