GF Machining Solutions Expands Hartwig’s Territory in the West

sept2016_hartwigteamgfmsGF Machining Solutions recently announced new distributors to serve customers in the Northwest and West regions. Hartwig’s territory was expanded to also serve those customers in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

GF Machining Solutions awarded Hartwig this area based upon our proven abilities to provide extensive service and support to customers as well as offer more complete market coverage in the states served. Customers will benefit from easier access to demonstration centers and larger sales and support teams that can work in conjunction with GF Machining Solutions to provide timely, front-line service and application support on equipment.

“These distributors have set the benchmark in offering the highest level of service and support to their customers,” explained Scott Fosdick, president of GF Machining Solutions. “Partnering with these market leaders better reflects our position as a comprehensive solutions provider and enhances our ability to support customers throughout the entire cycle of their machine tool.”

The new technologies available to Hartwig through the partnership with GF Machining Solutions includes EDM, milling, laser texturing and additive manufacturing. With access to such technologies, the distributors will be able to provide solutions that address specialized needs of all customers in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, die-mold and other industries.

For more information, to request a quote or order EDM consumables, please contact Hartwig.