• March 22, 2017
    10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Cryogenic Machining – Efficiency Reigns Supreme

Come Learn How Cryogenic Machining Systems Can Extend Your Tool Life and Reduce Cycle Times!

Efficient removal of heat from the tool/workpiece interface is the main route to high-productivity machining. Several conventional methods are available to accomplish that—dry machining, minimum-quantity lubrication, flood coolant and high-pressure coolant—but cryogenic machining can be added to the list.

However, not all systems using cryogens take the same path to longer tool life and higher speeds and feeds. Liquid nitrogen used in cryogenic machining can be delivered through a machine tool spindle and a cutting tool directly to the cutting edge. This is the method Cincinnati-based 5ME LLC employs with its Cryo technology. The cryogenic machining system uses tube-in-tube, vacuum-jacketed feed lines to deliver LN2 from an external bulk storage tank, or dewar (vacuum flask), to the cutting zone while protecting the integral machine components from being exposed to the low temperatures.

Installation of the Cryo kit doesn’t involve removing the spindle. Instead, a lance, which also has the tube-in-tube, vacuum-jacketed design to keep the OD at ambient temperature, runs through the drawbar ID.

A vacuum-jacketed line, however, doesn’t run through a cutter body, so 5ME designed a line of indexable and solid-carbide cutting tools insulated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) to use with its cryogenic machining technology. You cannot run the 5ME cryogenic machining technology system with non-5ME cryogenic tools so 5ME sells end users about 60 families of cutting tools, including endmills, facemills, high-feed mills, thread mills, drills and turning tools.

Although 5ME is machine tool agnostic and willing to work with any builder, targeted machines are medium-sized horizontal machining centers and large vertical machining centers. This means an HMC with at least a 630mm (24.8 “) pallet size and a VMC with a large spindle, such as CAT 50, CAT 60 or HSK 100A. Targeting these machines helps ensure a reasonable payback because the Cryo hardware kit is about 30 percent of the cost for a new machine tool that size and larger.  Cryo Cold Hard Facts

5ME will also discuss their Freedom eWARE™ Manufacturing Software Suite.

Hartwig Machines on the Floor … Come Hear About Okuma Year-End Specials!

In addition to 5ME’s Cryo Technology and Freedom eWARE, the following machines will be on display. Come check it all out!

Okuma LB3000 EX-II MYW
Horizontal Turning Center

Okuma GENOS M560
Vertical Machining Center

Okuma MB-5000H
Okuma MB-5000H

Horizontal Machining Center

Okuma LB4000 EX-II MY

2-Axis Turning Center

Okuma MU-6300 5-Axis
Vertical Machining Center

Okuma MULTUS U3000
Multi-Function Lathe

Tsugami S206 with
Edge Technologies Barfeeder

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