Our Culture

Hartwig takes its culture very seriously – it is something you experience every day when you come to work.
Our culture is supported by three pillars: our mission, our values and our core principles.

Our Mission

Helping people in manufacturing control their destiny every day!

Our Values

  • We act with integrity in all our affairs and speak with integrity in all our communications.
  • We are professional in all our dealing with customers, vendors and each other.
  • We share open, full, complete, honest, no-blame communications with each other and our customers, vendors and other constituents.
  • We go the extra mile to assure that our customers are satisfied.
  • Our families and our company family are of central importance.
  • We respect the dignity and individuality of each and every team member in all that we do.
  • We are fierce competitors, but we win fairly.
  • We work hard, but we also have fun and celebrate our successes.
  • We strive for continuous learning by all team members and by our organization as a whole.
  • We create opportunity for all by being financially responsible in all that we do.

Our Core Principles

  • Knowledge
  • Passion
  • Achievement

By using these pillars to guide our actions, we are able to serve our customers’ best interests as well as help our team members achieve their personal and professional goals.